Australia is home to more legends than anywhere else in the world. Greatness is around every corner here, on and off the field. And this Olympic Games, Aussies are putting in the hard yards. Because while our athletes are doing us proud in Rio, the legends back home are enduring late nights and early mornings cheering them on - and that’s something to be proud of.

So this Olympic Games we’ve got a few things in store for Aussie legends like you, whether you’re an Olympian or not.


Olympian or not, Aussies are legendary. It’s a fact. And in our book, legendary people deserve a legendary look. Macca’s Legendswear is the perfect uniform for Aussie legends back home to wear while they cheer on the team at the Olympic Games over in Rio.

Aussie Legends in Action

With All Day Breakfast, you can start the day on your terms - whether it’s breakfast time here, or in Rio. Plus you can grab a pick-me-up no matter how early your event starts. With Drive-Thru McCafe®, our baristas are always ready to support you as you take part in your very own marathon… the legendary McCafe® run. 


  • Our crew members may not be Olympians but, when it comes to making burgers, they always aim for a personal best. And just to prove that, we’ve created two new burgers, made for Aussie legends like you. They’re here for a limited time, so get in before the closing ceremony!

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