Wagyu Beef Burger

Succulent, delicious 100% Australian bred Wagyu beef. With crispy bacon, caramelised onions and tangy signature sauce. Why wouldn’t you Wagyu?

Available from 10.30am for a limited time.

Updated: 12/04/2019
    Energy (kJ) 3390 1030
    Energy (Cal) 811 247
    Protein (g) 42.2 12.9
    Fat, total (g) 46.8 14.2
    Saturated (g) 16.9 5.2
    Carbohydrate (g) 53.3 16.2
    Sugars (g) 11.3 3.4
    Sodium (mg) 1160 353
Key: Y(Yes) T(Traces) Updated: 12/04/2019
  • Gluten Egg Milk Soy Fish & Crustaceans Peanuts Nuts Sesame Seeds Sulphites Lupin Preservatives Flavours Colours
    Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
    Gluten Y
    Egg Y
    Milk Y
    Soy Y
    Fish & Crustaceans
    Sesame Seeds Y
    Preservatives Y
    Flavours Y
    Colours Y

Please be aware that there is always a risk that traces of allergens may be transferred to items on our menu during processing, storage or preparation in our kitchens. McDonald's is therefore unable to guarantee that any item sold is free from traces of allergens.

Updated: 12/04/2019
  • GOURMET SOFT BUN: Wheat Flour (Vitamins (Thiamine, Folic Acid)), Water, Sugar, Glaze (Contains Wheat), Canola Oil, Iodised Salt, Yeast, Wheat Gluten, Natural Flavour, Improver (Soy Flour, Emulsifier (481), Mineral Salt (170), Antioxidant (300), Acidity Regulator (516), Wheat Malt Flour, Enzymes (1100)), Preservative (282), Emulsifier (472e).

    BEEF PATTY: Wagyu Beef.

    BEEF PATTY SEASONING: Salt, Maltodextrin (Maize), Spices (Pepper), Dextrose (Tapioca, Maize), Dehydrated Vegetables, Flavours (Milk), Yeast Extract, Canola Oil, Worcestershire Sauce Powder, Sugar, Fruit Extract.

    SIGNATURE SAUCE: Canola Oil [Antioxidant 307b (Soy), Tomato Pulp [Antioxidant (330)], Sugar, Water, Diced Gherkin [Gherkin, Salt, Water, Food Acid (270)], Onion, Whole Egg, French Mustard, Thickener (1442), Garlic, Egg Yolk, Milk Protein Concentrate, Spices, Food Acid (260), Yeast Extract, Acidity Regulator (575), Vegetable Gum (415), Emulsifiers (Soy Lecithin, 435), Spice Extracts [Including (160c)], Salt, Preservatives (202, 211), Mustard Flavoured Powder (Soy) [Colours (100, 160c)].

    TOMATO: Tomato.

    CARAMELISED GRILLED ONION: Fresh Onion, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Sugar, Caramelized Sugar, Onion Powder, Maltodextrin, Flavours, Spice.

    CHEDDAR CHEESE: Milk, Salt, Starter Cultures, Rennet, Lipase.

    CRISPY BACON:  Pork Bellies, Water, Salt, Sugar, Smoke Flavouring, Acidity Regulator (339), Antioxidant (316), Sodium Nitrite (250). 

    Contains gluten, egg, soy & milk.

    GOURMET SOFT BUN may contain sesame seeds.

    BEEF PATTY may be cooked on the same equipment as eggs or products containing gluten.

    BEEF PATTY seasoned after cooking